Zolotarev David Alekseevich

10 September [ 29 August] 1885 (1885-09-10), Rybinsk — 28 August 1935 (1935-08-29), Mariinsk

Biography, education, career:

David Zolotarev was a member (1911‑1916) and then Secretary (1916‑1919) of the Standing Committee on Ethnographic Cartography. In 1921v1930 he occupied the position of Secretary of the Department of Ethnography of the Russian Geographical Society. From 1918 he was Full Professor at the following institutes: Petrograd University, Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Geography, First Pedagogical Institute, and Institute of Non-Scholastic Adult Education. He was a member (1917‑1919) and then Secretary (1919-1921) of the Commission for the Study of the Tribal Composition of the Population of the Borderlands of Russia; in 1921‑1930 he was Head of the European Department. In 1918‑1930 he was Curator, Board member and Head of the Department of Russian-Ugric Ethnography of the Ethnographic Division of the Russian Museum. In 1919‑1930 he was a member and Head of the Departments of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of the History of Material Culture. He was also Head of the Department of Ethnology at the Central Museum of Geography. In early 30-s Zolotarev was arrested twice. On 29 March 1934 he was sentenced to five years of corrective labour camp for membership in a counter-revolutionary fascist organization, allegedly active in the Russian Museum. He died while serving his sentence in Siberia. Zolotarev was posthumously exonerated on 28 November 1956.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the Russians; History and ethnography of Finno-Ugric peoples; Ethnic museology

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