Zhukov Boris Sergeevich

1 December 1892 (1892-12), Nizhny Novgorod — 29 May 1934 (1934-05-30), Alma-Ata (?)


Biography, education, career:

In 1918 Boris Zhukov graduated from the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, MSU. In 1918—1931 he occupied different positions at the Institute of Anthropology of MSU, including those of Scientific Secretary and Deputy Director; there he created the Paleoethnology Research Lab; organized the Anthropological Complex Expedition across Central Industrial Region. He also lectured at the Department of Anthropology of MSU (1921—1930 гг.) In 1920 he worked in the Central Museum of Ethnography, occupying the position of the Department of Indonesia, Australia, Oceania and Africa. The main collections, gathered during Zhukov’s expeditions, were displayed in the museum that he founded, which was named The Museum of Central Black Earth Industrial Region. Zhukov studied monuments in the centre of the East European Plain, in the Volga and Ural Regions, in Crimea; these belonged to different periods: from Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. He was the leader of numerous large-scale archaeological expeditions. In 1926 Zhukov was appointed Head of the Archaeological Subdivision of the Chief Directorate of Scientific Institutions and Museums of the State Committee for People's Education. In 1931 he was arrested on a false accusation, and exonerated only in 1959.

Areas of expertise: Archaeology; Ethnic museology

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