Zhamtsarano Tsyben Zhamtsaranovich

25 April [ 13 April] 1880 (1880-04-25), Suduntu Ulus of Aginsk Aimak — 14 May 1942 (1942-05-15), Sol-Iletsk Prison, Orenburg Oblast


Biography, education, career:

In 1902‑1908 and 1911 Tsyben Zhamtsarano taught Mongolian at the Faculty of Oriental Languages, Saint-Petersburg University, and at the Practical Oriental Academy. In 1908‑1911 he was engaged in research and educational activity in Urga. He was among the participants of the liberation movement in Outer Mongolia. In 1918‑1921 he was a lecturer at Irkutsk State University. In 1921‑1931he was a Scientific Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Republic; a member of the Mongolian People’s Republican Party. In 1932‑1937 he was a senior specialist at the Mongolian Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR AS. From 1935 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Literature without defense. On 11 August 1937 he was arrested on the charge of Mongolian pan-nationalism and espionage on behalf of Japan. On 19 February he was pronounced guilty and sentenced to five years of corrective labour camp. He was posthumously exonerated in 1956.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of Mongolian peoples; Folklore studies; Legal anthropology; ethnography of the Mongols and Buryats

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