Zbrueva Anna Vasilyevna

25 June 1894 (1894-06-25), Moscow — 6 September 1965 (1965-09-07), Moscow


Biography, education, career:

In 1941 Anna Zbrueva defended her Candidate’s Dissertation, titled Settlements of the Ananyino culture. In 1953 she defended her Doctoral Dissertation, titled The History of the Kama Region Population in the Ananyino Period. In 1925‑1931 she worked as a researcher at the State Museum of History and in 1931‑1936 she was a researcher at the Central Museum of Ethnography, Museum of the Peoples of the USSR and the Museum of Anthropology, MSU. During the period of 1936‑1965. Zbrueva successively occupied the positions of researcher and senior researcher at the Institute for the History of Material Culture and Institute of Archaeology, USSR AS.

Areas of expertise: Archaeology; Archaeology of the North of the European USSR and the Volga-Ural Region

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