Zarubin Ivan Ivanovich

9 October [ 27 September] 1887 (1887-10-09), Crimea — 3 February 1964 (1964-02-04), Leningrad

Biography, education, career:

In 1911‑1912 Ivan Zarubin was a student of Practical Oriental Academy. In 1910‑1918 he was responsible for registering collections and occupied the position of junior curator and in 1918‑1934 ‑ Head of the Department of Muslim peoples of Central Asia, MAE. On 29 April 1933 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Linguistics without defense. In 1941‑1946 he was Head of the Department of Near and Central Asia, Institute of Ethnography, USSR AS. In 1918‑1931 he was full member of the Commission for the Study of the Tribal Composition of the Population of the Borderlands of Russia. In 1934‑1964 he occupied the position of senior researcher of the Institute of Language and Mind / Institute of Linguistics, USSR AS. In 1930‑1938 he worked as an Associate Professor at Leningrad Oriental Institute and the Institute of Philosophy in Leningrad. In 1938‑1949 he occupied the position of Full Professor at Leningrad State University.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the peoples of Central Asia; History and ethnography of Iranian peoples; Folklore; languages

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