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Russian and Kazakh scholars joined their forces to create a project dedicated to the national ethnographers and anthropologists of the 20th century, including all those who contributed to the study of the history of the Great Steppe, a vast region in the center of Eurasia. Currently the network portal included more than a thousand names. In addition to biographies of researchers it provides users with quick access to scientific articles, as well as to the media library. Anyone can get acquainted with ethnographic films or refer to the fund of audio recordings of Russian musical folklore. “There is an opportunity to ask questions, to connect the colleagues, to have access to VK and FB accounts of the project. This is an opportunity for interaction of scholars not only in Russia, but also in the post-Soviet space at least,” – said Prof. Efim Rezvan, the head-coordinator of the project which was realized due to the grant of the Russian Geographical Society. It took about three years to create the portal. The authors plan to translate the accumulated material into English. This will make it possible to involve Western colleagues in the scientific discussion. To see the info in Russian, please, follow:

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