Kolesnikova Maria Alexandrovna

17 October 1995 (1995-10-17)


Biography, education, career:

In 2017 she graduated with honors from the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University. Accomplished an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg. She represented the Russian delegation at international seminars (Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey). She participated in a number of scientific projects of the MAE RAS, including the “Era of Abdul Hamid II in the museum photo-illustrative collections of St. Petersburg”, systematization of the materials for the electronic catalog of Muslim collections of the MAE RAS. She took an active part in the preparation and implementation of international events on the subject of history and ethnography, including a round table “The Russian World as a Space of Memory” under the aegis of the III St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum (2014), the International Youth Forum “Russia and the Turkic world: a view of young people from Russia and Kyrgyzstan” (with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, 2019). Author of about 30 scientific publications. Invited by Azbuka-Atticus Publishing House as a translator of R. Aslan's English-language book on the history of Islam “No God but God: the origins, evolution and future of Islam” (Moscow, 2019, 480 p.). Since 2017 she is a Senior Specialist in the Study of Regional Islamic Collections of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera).

Research Interests:
Islamic studies, History and ethnography of the peoples of Africa, History and ethnography of the peoples of the Near and Middle East, History and ethnography of Turkic peoples, Inter-ethnic relations, Political anthropology and history, Modern ethno-political and ethno-religious processes, Ethnopolitical studies, Turkish-African relations.


• Kolesnikova M.A. Turkish crescent over the African continent. Moscow, 2018, 240 p. (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M.A. New moments of Turkish-African relations under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) // Bulletin of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. 2017. Vol.17. No. 9. Pp. 40-44. (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M.A. Turkey and Africa in the mirror of Turkish historiography (end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries) // African collection. St. Petersburg, MAE RAS, 2017. p. 87-93. (in Russian)

• Yagya V.S., Kolesnikova M.A. The "Three pillars" of Turkish policy in Africa // Comparative politics Russia. 2018. 9 (1). Pp. 37-59. (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M.A. The Turkish belt of Africa. From the Ottoman past to the ethnopolitical paradigm of the present // Kunstkamera Journal. No. 1. 2018. pp. 40-47. (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M.A. Features of the African policy of Turkey // African Turn to the "East" and the interests of Russia. M., Institute of African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. 2018. pp. 132-138. (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M.A. Russia and Turkey in the mirror of Russian archive materials (20-30s of the XXth century). St. Petersburg, 2018. 149 p. (compiler of the collection) (in Russian)

• Kolesnikova M., Rezvan M., Kudriavtceva A., Rezvan E. “Winds don't blow the way ships want them to”. The fate and work of Ksenia Kashtalyova. I // Manuscripta Orientalia. Vol. 24 No. 2. 2018.

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