Ionov Vsevolod Mikhailovich

1851 (1851), Astrakhan — 2 February 1922 (1922-02-03), Buga Station outside Kiev

Biography, education, career:

In 1875 Vsevolod Ionov was expelled form Saint-Petersburg Technological Institute for revolutionary activities. In 1876 he was arrested and sentenced to five years of hard labour in exile. In 1883‑1899 he was living in exile in Yakutia. In 1894‑1896 he participated in the Yakut Expedition directed by D.A. Klements. In 1900‑1910 he worked as a teacher at a primary school in Yakutsk. In 1903 he participated in Nelkano-Ayan Expedition. In 1910‑1917 he worked as a scientific proof-reader of the Academy of Sciences in Saint-Petersburg / Petrograd. In 1917‑1922 he lived in Kiev. Ionov took part in editing Samples of Yakut Folk Literature, was a member of the Committee for the Compilation of Ethnic Maps of Russia. In 1914 he was awarded the Small Gold Medal of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society for his participation in the Yakut Expedition, and for his work for the Zhivaya Starina (Living Old Heritage) Journal.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the peoples of Siberia, the Extreme North, and the Far East; Folklore studies; ethnography, folklore, language of the Yakuts and the Evenks

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