Gucheva Andzhela Vyacheslavovna

22 October 1971 (1971-10-22), Nalchik

Biography, education, career:

On 29 October 2004 Andzhela Gucheva defended her Candidate’s Dissertation, titled National Harmonica in the Traditional Musical Culture of the Adyghe in the 2nd Half of the 19th – late 20th Centuries. From 2005 she occupies the position of senior researcher at the Department of Adyghe Folklore of the Faculty of Adyghe Philology of the Institute for Humanities Research, Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Centre of RAS. She is also an Associate Professor at the Department of History and Theory of Music of North-Caucasian State Institute of Arts.

Areas of expertise: Ethnic musicology; traditional musical culture of the Adyghe

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