Boguslavskaya Irina Yakovlevna

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30 October 1929 (1929-10-30), Leningrad


Biography, education, career:

In October 1973, at the Department of Russian and Soviet Art of the Faculty of History, Moscow State University, Irina Boguslavskaya defended her Candidate Dissertation, titled Ancient Patterns of Russian Traditional Embroidery (On the Issue of the Origin and Development of Ornamental Forms in Art). In 1987, at the Academy of Arts in Moscow, she defended her Doctoral Dissertation, titled The Problems of the Formation of Local Artistic Features in Folk Art. The Dymkovo Toy. Since 1963 she occupies the position of Head of the Department of Folk Art, State Russian Museum.

Areas of expertise: Folk art; History and ethnography of the Russians; Ethnic museology (theory and practice); theoretical problems of the formation and development of folk art and its contemporary state

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