Amitin-Shapiro Zalman Lvovich

1893 (1893) (?), Sosnitsa, Chernigov Governorate, Russian Empire — 1968 (1969), Frunze, Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR

Biography, education, career:

Zalman Amitin-Shapiro studied Middle Asian Jews, the culture of small peoples of Central Asia (the Dungans, in particular); was keen on historiography and bibliography of Kyrgyz studies; was one of the first to study the history of Jews in Xinjiang.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the peoples of Central Asia; Jewish studies; Historiography, Source studies and Methodology of Ethnography; Ethnogeography

Major scientific achievements:

Author of over 800 scientific papers (a total of around 300 publication base sheets), 60 of which were published, including 19 monographs.

Membership in academic organizations and unions:

Full Member of the USSR Geographical Society (from 1924), one of the founders of its Kyrgyz branch (1947).

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