Volkov Vitaly Vasilyevich

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28 January 1933 (1933-01-28), Ust’-Karek village, Far-Eastern Krai — 23 November 2000 (2000-11-24), Moscow

Biography, education, career:

On 18 March 1966 Vitaly Volkov defended his Candidate Dissertation, titled The Bronze and Early Iron Age of North Mongolia. In 1990 he defended his Doctoral Dissertation, titled Central Asia and the Scythian-Siberian Problem. In 1994‑2000 he occupied the position of Head of the Department of the Bronze Age at the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR AS / RAS. In 1969‑1992 he was Deputy Head of the Soviet-Mongolian Historical and Cultural Expedition.

Areas of expertise: Archaeology; History and ethnography of Mongolian peoples; History and ethnography of nomadic peoples; History and ethnography of the peoples of Central Asia; archaeology and paleoethnography of Mongolia; problems of emergence of nomadic pastoralism; history and culture of nomads of Central Asia

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