Ippolitova Aleksandra Borisovna

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23 April 1976 (1976-04-23), Moscow

Biography, education, career:

On 20 December 2004 Aleksandra Ippolitova defended her Candidate’s Dissertation, titled Russian Manuscript Herbals of the 18th Century as a Cultural Phenomenon. In 2005‑2006 she was a senior researcher of Arkhangelskoye Country Estate. In 2007‑2017 she successively occupied the positions of senior researcher and lead researcher at the State Republican Centre for Russian Folklore (in 2016‑2017 it was renamed into the Centre for Cultural Strategies and Project Management). Since January 2018 A. Ipolitova is an expert for the Sector of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Centre of Culture of the Peoples of Russia, V.D. Polenov State Russian House of Folk Art.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the Russians; Folklore studies; Ethnic museology; folklore and ethnography of the Russian North; local handwritten tradition of Russia in the 17th-18th centuries; ethnobotany; history of archaeology

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