Burdukov Alexey Vasilyevich

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29 March [ 17 March] 1883 (1883-03-29), Borovaya village, Turinsk Uezd, Tobolsk Governorate —15 March 1943 (1943-03-16), 2nd camp station of Taiginsk district of Siberian Corrective Labour Camp


Biography, education, career:

In 1927‑1938 – Assistant Lecturer of Mongolian language, Head of the Mongolian Department of Leningrad Institute of Living Oriental Languages, later renamed Leningrad Oriental Institute. In 1927‑1930 and 1937‑1941 he taught Mongolian and was Head of the Student Research Society at Department of Turkic-Mongolian Languages of Leningrad State University. In 1930‑1932 he also taught at Leningrad Institute of History and Linguistics; in 1932‑1937 he taught at Leningrad Institute of Philosophy, Literature, and History. In 1938 he was conferred the degree of Candidate of Philology without defending a dissertation. On 2 July 1941 he was arrested and sentenced to capital punishment. On 8 November 1941 his death sentence was commuted to 10 years of forced labour in a corrective labour camp. Budukov died of pellagra.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of Mongolian peoples; Folklore studies; Ethnolinguistics

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