Verbov Grigory Davydovich

11 June 1909 [ 29 May] 1909 (1909-06-11), Moscow — 6 June 1942 (1942-06-07), Pontonnaya Station, Leningrad Region

Biography, education, career:

In 1935 Grigory Verbov was conferred the degree of Candidate of Linguistics. In 1935-1938 he occupied the position of Scientific Secretary of the Committee for the New Alphabet in Yamalo-Nenets National Okrug. In 1938 — 1941 he was a senior researcher at the Department of Siberia, Institute of Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1941—1942 he participated in the Great Patriotic War.

Areas of expertise: History and ethnography of the peoples of Siberia, the Extreme North, and the Far East; Ethnolinguistics; ethnography and languages of Samoyedic peoples

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