Manteuffel Gustav von (lat. Gustavs Manteifelis)

18 November 1832 (1832-11-18), Dricāni, Rezhitsk Uezd, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire — 24 April 1916 (1916-04-25), Bonifacovo, Lyutsin Uezd, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire


Biography, education, career:

Gustavs Manteifelis was a researcher of Latgalian folklore and traditions. He published the Inflantu zemes laika grōmota aba kalenders calendar (The Chronicles of Inflant lands, or Calendar), which was the first published edition in Latgalian and the only periodical for Latgalians in the 19th century. In 1861-1871 he prepared for publication 10 issues of the Calendar, with lectures, poems, articles on culture and economy, materials on current developments in Latgalia and other countries. There are 353 known works attributed to Manteyffel on the history of Latgalia and Livonia. His manuscripts are kept mainly in Poland, in the archives of Krakow Academy of Sciences, the Jagiellonian Library, the National Library of Poland in Warsaw, and the Ossolineum in Lviv, Ukraine.

Areas of expertise: Folklore studies; Spiritual culture; History of material culture; History and ethnography of the peoples of Europe; history, culture and ethnography of Latgalians

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