Gulyaev Valery Ivanovich

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9 January 1938 (1938-01-09), Moscow


Biography, education, career:

In 1966 Valery Gulyaev defended his Candidate’s Dissertation, titled The Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica: The Origin and Evolution of the High Cultures of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras According to Archaeological Data. In 1978 he defended his Doctoral Dissertation, titled The Cities of the Ancient Maya: Structure and Function of a City in an Early Class Society. From 1960 he successively occupied the positions of junior, senior and leading researcher; in 1986‑1995 – Head of the Department of Theory and Methodology; from 1990 – Deputy Director of the Institute of Archaeology of the USSR AS RAS.

Areas of expertise: Agroethnography; History and ethnography of the peoples of North and South America; Archaeology; ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia; theory and practice of archaeology; Scythian archaeology

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